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2/9/2022 1:48 PM
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  Harter's Hospice Rescue

Harter's Hospice and Puppy Rescue is a foster home based organization. All of our dogs have been living in homes, some with other dogs, cats and other types of pets. Some are in homes with children. Our dogs are socialized, we know their temperament and their quirks. With us, they learn to be a companion, they learn love and trust, again. They are potty trained, they learn to play nicely, some are crate trained, some are trained further in skills.

All of the dogs are up to date on vaccinations, they are altered and micro chipped.

Our rescue was founded on the senior and sick canines. We provide them top notch veterinary care to get them to their optimum health. The dogs that can obtain a healthy status are able to be adopted. The dogs that are sick and/or dying continue to receive the vet care in order to give them quality of life. They remain in our care until their quality of life cannot be sustained.

We, also, have a puppy division. All of our puppies are appropriately dewormed, vaccinated and altered according to veterinary protocol. The puppies are.....PUPPIES! They are fun and playful. Some are shy and loving. They are taken care of and loved until they are ready for a home of their own.

Harter's Hospice rescue is licensed with the Missouri Department of Agriculture and a recognized 501c3. We operate, solely, on the kind donations of the public that support our mission. Those donations help to provide veterinary care, medications, advanced surgeries, food, treats, toys and in some cases, training by a professional trainer.

Our mission is to get our dogs into homes they deserve along with opening eyes and hearts to adult and senior dogs.